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OPTIX - company of knowledge

30 march 2023

OPTIX - company of knowledge


    When we talk about OPTIX, we can safely define it as a company of knowledge. The Bulgarian private company works in the electro-optics sector and has a unique DNA. It is one of the few companies in the world whose team designs, constructs, manufactures and markets its own range of thermal imaging and night vision products, day sights and integrated systems for strategic surveillance and security. In its portfolio, the company offers innovative solutions for the sectors of defense, security, nature protection, sports hunting optics, medicine and industry. The company already sells its products in 48 countries around the world, and 9 countries have entrusted the security of their national borders to Bulgarian technical security solutions.

   OPTIX works intensively in several diverse sectors:

  • defense and security;
  • medicine;
  • environmental protection;
  • robotics;
  • space industries.

What unites them is the theme of the important causes, of improving the quality of life and development, and not only in a national or regional discourse, but of the whole world and of humanity.

That is why the company's team develops high competence in technologies, creating specific knowledge on the niche topics of electro-optics. In addition, OPTIX uses this knowledge with detailed processes. The company regularly defends five different quality certifications, among them for quality management, information security, safe working conditions, environmental management and the publication of NATO allies AQAP 2110.


Defense and security

In relation to the current topic of defense and security, the importance of tactical advantage through technical solutions that detect and identify threats as early as possible has been demonstrated. There is a need for sensor monitoring and detection at maximum distances, which OPTIX can offer, both for border protection - in mobile and stationary versions, as well as for defense. Following these trends, OPTIX actively participates in the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG), the European Defense Agency (EDA), is a registered participant in the innovation projects of the European Defense Fund (EDF), as well as in the projects organized by FRONTEX, the European Agency for border and coast guard. The company has the only private accredited laboratory for optical devices in Bulgaria and almost all products are registered in the NATO codification system. The company's focus is on creating advanced products and concepts to ensure the fulfillment of any mission, both day and night. A highly motivated R&D team of over 85 engineers works in the company and over 500 employees are engaged in precision production. Extremely useful on the subject is the connection with the developed hunting brand Nighthog, which monitors the pulse of civilian optics.



For the needs of medicine, OPTIX works through its two joint ventures in the field of high-tech endoscopes. It is interesting to know that Da Vinci surgical robots work with eyes - 3D endoscopes manufactured in Bulgaria. The company, together with partners, also creates unique solutions for visual diagnostics in the infrared spectrum and telemedicine.



Environmental protection

OPTIX also develops systems related to environmental protection. The focus is on the protection of forests from fires. The system includes a thermal imaging camera and a daylight camera that work on the basis of artificial intelligence to detect forest fires at their earliest phase. This year the system will be demonstrated in several European countries under innovative international projects and exhibitions.



The Bulgarian company is a successful participant in the supply chain of precision optical components of the most renowned manufacturers in the field of mechanical engineering and robotics. The digitization of production and the use of artificial intelligence requires the application of sensitive sensors and specialized lenses, which is facilitated by the knowledge of OPTIX engineers.



Space industries

In the last few years, OPTIX has also cooperated with several partners for the space industries. The specific application in the outer space environment and the strict flight deadlines is a real challenge for the production of components that meet the demands of such an extreme environment. But the company's teams successfully cope with this task as well, in order to ensure monitoring and transmit information from satellites to ground users in the best possible quality.


The diverse areas of OPTIX development require the company's team to work in an extremely competitive environment. It is precisely because of this global business competition, the specialists of the Bulgarian company develop competencies and skills at an exceptionally high technological level. A development that is already 25 years old. Therefore, we have arguments to summarize that OPTIX has been a company of knowledge for a quarter of a century. Knowledge with a cause and commitment to the world we live in.

  • 30 march 2023
  • OPTIX Co