• OPTIX DayBreaker Series

    DayBreaker Series are color cameras suitable for integration into security and surveillance systems, enabling high-quality surveillance over the daylight. The innovative optical system and touchscr
  • OPTIX MS Mini 35

    Convenient and easy to install system for surveillance, tracking and protection of wildlife in their natural areas.
  • OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE system

    Based on multiple real tests we have been able to optimize the IR heat detection algorithms with which we have achieved extremely acceptable levels of false alarms.
  • OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile

    Satisfied by the excellent practical results, as well as from the great commercial interest in our OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE system, technology, allowing 365/24/7 perfect trustworthiness

    MCHQ was designed to coordinate the actions of the teams of MoI, the fire services, the army, civil defence and specialized rescue organizations for reducing flood damages, forest, field and mountain
  • OPTIX Rescue

    Specialized integrated vehicles for the implementation of superior responsibilities OPTIX Rescue Whether you call them rescue vehicles for rapid intervention or emergency vehicles, these vehicles are
  • OPTIX GUARD Series

    OPTIX GUARD Series includes budgetary, middle and high-end class multi-sensor systems solutions
  • OPTIX X-CORE Module

     X-Core is the latest generation thermal imaging engine, based on cutting-edge hardware solutions and dedicated video processing algorithms.
  • OPTIX LRF Series

    Eye-safe laser rangefinders designed for integration into land based and maritime observation systems.