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Modern technological solutions for the defense and security

23 nov 2022

Modern technological solutions for the defense and security

In recent years, we have seen rapid and constant global changes in the defense industry.

Foremost, the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence requires constant adaptation to the latest developments while preserving the industry's traditions.

Secondly, there is the challenge of recruiting into the army. Fewer and fewer people want to join the military and serve their countries. The reasons can be many and varied - economic or patriotic. Still, it's a fact that this situation provides a precondition for a crisis not only for industry but also for countries.

Last but not least, what we see on the world stage in recent years is the restructuring of the world we have known so far. This state, observed globally, will undoubtedly have its consequences in the future.

Also, other challenges are facing the defense and security industry as well. Some of them are the development of a stable supply chain, various government regulations, modernizing current technologies, and recruiting employees who want to self-develop in the field.

Facing these challenges is а responsibility of the defense and security industry. By constant development it must confront and overcome them.

Therefore, when choosing a partner to implement the right solutions for defense and security, you should look for the following factors:

  • Constant development and innovation - Optimization of the company's technologies and devices, as well as production capabilities
  • Trusted partner in every step of the improvement - Offering personalized solutions for the specific requirements of each branch of the army and the police.
  • Understanding the industry - Implementing technologies with multiple applications that overcome the challenges of the industry.
  • Responsibility for a better and more secure future – Not only for development within the industry, but for the development of the world itself.
  • Years of history and experience that helps to track the overall development of the defense industry and help to make informed decisions.

OPTIX is a company with 24 years of history that puts the best of the knowledge and the skills of its team to ensure a safer world. OPTIX is the only company in Bulgaria developing and manufacturing a full range of exceptional optical devices and systems for the army and police forces. We design, produce and market wide range of thermal imaging and night vision devices, day scopes, and integrated systems for strategic surveillance and security. Furthermore, we are a trusted supplier to more than 45 countries worldwide and our solutions guard the borders in 9 of them.

In this article, we will present all of our solutions for defense and security that are helping today's world be more protected.

  1. Thermal imaging devices
  2. Night vision
  3. Day optics
  4. Integrated solutions


Thermal Imaging Devices


BidentifieR - Intelligent reconnaissance

BidentifieR series are single channel uncooled thermal imaging bi-oculars designed primarily for prolonged observation and surveillance for military and law enforcement personnel. BidentifieR allows:

  • Tactical surveillance;
  • Covert field reconnaissance;
  • Remote observation;
  • Target acquisition.

All of these tasks are performed in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances. The sensitive detector core/sensor and the intelligent digital video processing provide a crisp image in all weather conditions. The series is also equipped with a tripod mount, analog video output, and/or Wi-Fi streaming for remote observation.

If you plan field reconnaissance, remote observation, tactical surveillance, and target acquisition, you can rely on a trustful eye in almost every environment. The BidentifieR can detect a human figure at 2700 m and recognize it at 900 m. Vehicle detection is at 6700 m and the recognition at 2200 m.


IdentifieR - Long-range sniper thermal imaging sight

IdentifieR Series thermal imaging sights are specially developed for military units and snipers. It delivers accuracy and durability with different extra components for ballistic corrections, switchable reticle designs, image adjustments, video transfer, and many more in the optimal compact package. They are shockproof to all heavy caliber rifles such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.

IdentifieR 100 PRO is one of our latest thermal imaging devices. It is boosed to the most to provide high-class performance.



Z-IR 100 – Device that allows observation during day, night, and any weather condition

The military personnel often falls into a situation of bad weather conditions. Hence they must rely on a device that can perform at its best in these poor circumstances.

Z-IR 100 Clip-On Thermal Device can be used as a handheld or part of a weapon-mounted system for observation, target detection, or passive target acquisition during day and night in various environmental conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, and total darkness. Z-IR 100 is an outstanding thermal imager with many functions and excellent optical performance.

Here are the key features of Z-IR 100:

  • Reduced weight
  • Optimized objective lens
  • Long flexible focusing shaft
  • Precise day scope alignment
  • Build-in leveler for exact shooting position
  • Build-in image recording
  • Excellent image quality with plenty of image optimization filters



Diana IR - Versatility creates better perspectives in the mission

DIANA IR series is the perfect end-user choice for a multifunctional thermal imaging device. It is already battle-proven and utilized by the special forces and law enforcement personnel while performing various rescue and military missions – patrolling, intelligence, close combat, etc. The most challenging environmental conditions, such as storms, dense fog, smoke, dust, snow, or total darkness, will not impact the device's performance.

These monoculars are highly compact and portable and have universal use: handheld, helmet mountable, and weapon mountable.




eXviZion are unique portable uncooled mid-range thermal imaging cameras. Using passive mode, the cameras allow the user to conduct surveillance in all types of harsh weather conditions, such as rain, fog, and total darkness.

eXviZion can be used as a handheld. The control buttons allow quick manipulation and setup of different settings and modes. eXviZion is equipped with video transfer through analog video output or wirelessly through an add-on adapter.




Pagot – The sight for grenade launchers

Pagot is a device specially developed for grenade launchers. The sight cuts through the battlefield and environment obscurants to deliver a crisp image and clear target visibility, enabling the operatives to make quick decisions to accomplish their mission.

Pagot is dedicated to optimal performance with 40 mm RPG-7 and provides different reticle designs with ballistic corresponding to the different grenade types.




Night vision



ONS Series are the most compact night vision sights in their class on the market, which is a crucial characteristic for the military and law enforcement personnel. The devices ensure durability and precision. The sights are offered in combination with different image intensifier tubes and reticles. They also incorporate a standard Picatinny rail mount and IR illuminator mount.



The NVA series are clip-on devices designed for use combined with a day riflescope that is already mounted on the weapon platform to convert it into a night vision system. They are specially designed for shooters in the military and law enforcement units. The NVA series can be used with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and on any platform with a long Picatinny rail. The devices do not need any additional adjustment by the riflescopes – after they are mounted in front of them, the system is ready for shooting. The NVA-50 is specially designed to extend the capabilities of the RPG-7 grenade launcher sights and enable it to be used at night.



Diana observation devices

This series includes 9 products with different specifications. We provide the soldiers with goggles, monoculars, and binoculars. These devices can perform many tasks such as target acquisition, tactical and strategic surveillance, field reconnaissance. They are multipurpose night vision equipment for law enforcement and military teams, but we also produce specific models for the aviation personnel.

The variety of products allows wide application in the army. One of the distinguishable devices is Diana TT goggles that is a stereoscopic, night vision device with more than 50° field of view and 1x magnification. Furthermore, Diana A is designed for use by helicopter pilots. The main tasks that are performed are takeoff and landing at night, patrolling and reconnaissance, nap-of-the-earth flight, search and rescue missions.


Day optics


MK-6 Series and WRCS-28

MK-6 and WRCS-28 are collimator weapon sights, generally referred to as “red dot sights”. They are suitable for rapid target acquisition, including moving targets. It can be used both standalone and in combination with different magnifiers, night vision, or thermal imaging devices. They are suitable for all small arms: LMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and SMGs.

The Optix red dot sights come in five sub-models: MK-6 S, M, L, CR, and WRCS-28. The adjustable reticle brightness allows the operator to choose between 7-day modes and 3 night vision compatible models



ODS Series is the most compact and lightweight 4x and 6x magnification sights on the market. They are designed especially for use with assault rifles and light machine guns. The sights may incorporate different reticles and have reticle illumination that any AA battery on the market can power.

Key characteristics of these devices are:

  • Extremely low weight
  • Variety of reticle types with ballistics for different calibers;
  • The reticle illumination operates on any AA battery;
  • Robust design, able to withstand high recoil and rough use.


PGO Series are specialized optical sights with 2,7x magnification and 13° field of view. They are designed to be used in combination with the RPG-7 series grenade launchers. They have a ballistic reticle, an external drum mechanism for ballistic corrections for set grenade types, and a universal ballistic mechanism in the drum, that allows the sight to be used in combination with any possible type of grenade for the RPG-7.


Integrated solutions


We at OPTIX are working with a mission to create a more secure future. Hence, we are developing the Eyes You Trust - devices and personalized defense and security solutions. Motivated by the military's challenges, we have also developed integrated, comprehensive solutions.

These all-in-one solutions are:

  • 3-level solutions for border control
  • Solutions for defense application
  • Solutions for wildfire detection

Solutions for border control

Surveillance of national borders is the number one priority to ensure national security.

Therefore, OPTIX has developed three separate concepts at different levels of border control. The must-haves included and at the core of Level 1 are mobile surveillance systems and detention task force unit equipment. Each subsequent concept builds on the previous one.

We also offer solutions for the protection of the sea border.

The Level 1 concept is unique because it does not require infrastructure such as a command center. It relies on mobile armored vehicles with integrated thermal imaging and color cameras. The soldiers are also equipped with first-class devices that help them react quickly and under surprise.

Level 2 upgrades the previous one with sensor lines, surveillance towers, and local command centers.

The towers are equipped with portable uncooled thermal imaging cameras allowing 24/7 surveillance in total darkness and extreme weather conditions. The algorithm used in the cameras triggers alarms for unauthorized passing of perimeters. The cameras are connected to the Local Command Center that supports optical or radio communication.

The benefits of level 2 are more extended perimeter surveillance and effective decision-making.

Level 3 includes all of the solutions of Levels 1 and 2. This time the Local Command Center is connected with Headquarters allowing one single coordination of the soldiers and much faster information transfer.

Level 3 Concept can be integrated into a Sea Border surveillance as well. The devices used in this concept are particularly applicable for the marine border.

OPTIX Guard Series multi-sensor systems can detect a human figure up to 19 000 m and recognize it at 8500 m. Vehicle detection is at 21 400 m and the recognition at 14 500 m.

Take a look at the video for all the information needed.

Solutions for defense application

The solutions for defense applications provide maximum flexibility for a variety of missions. These devices include our first-class thermal imaging cameras, day and night vision, clip-ons, and armored vehicle surveillance solutions. We always strive to implement customized solutions according to the needs of our customers. If you need complete equipment for the military, you can rely on the power of Diana IT, BidentifieR, ZIR series, IdentifieR, NVA & ONS night vision, and many more.


Solutions for wildfire detection

Wildfires are hazardous natural disasters, resulting in many people, regions, and nature being endangered. In this situation, a fast reaction is vital! It is crucial to localize and control the spread of wildfires. IdentiFIRE systems are a reliable solution for places with a concentrated danger of fires. The systems can be implemented in stationary or mobile versions.

The IdentiFIRE system is a proven solution. In 2017 wildfires broke throughout Bulgaria. Places such as Kresna burned for five days. The total affected area was over 22 000 DKA, of which 65% were forest territories. OPTIX thermal imaging cameras were the first to see and localize the fire.


We strive to be the indispensable partner in the supply and production of optical devices and components, making the world around us more secure by helping industries around the world develop their technologies with innovative products.

THE EYES YOU TRUST help us make the world securer, more innovative, modern, and advanced.

  • 23 november 2022
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